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Principal Designer Services

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched its revised CDM Regulations in April 2015 when the CDM Coordinator (CDM-C) role will be replaced by a Principal Designer. The new regulations will make significant changes to the requirement for the appointment of a Principal Contractor and other duty holders.

At Salus we understand that Clients and Designers will need a support mechanism in place to meet their obligations when the changes are enforced. This is why Salus is creating a role where it will act as the appointed Principal Designer (PD), to help the Client discharge their duties under the new regulations.

What is the role of a Principal Designer?

Salus’ role as Principal Designer will be to ensure that you (the Client), alongside the contractors and other suppliers, give due consideration to the health and safety of those who build the structure and those who will maintain and use the structure once complete.

Salus will undertake a general responsibility to ensure the Client’s and Principal Designer’s duties under CDM 2015 are complied with. General duties include monitoring compliance, consultants and contractors with CDM 2015, providing construction health and safety risk management advice.

Salus Principal Designer package

Appointing Salus as your Principal Designer will ensure that you become and remain compliant under the new regulations. Our aim will be to get more Health and Safety pre-planning into your projects.

The package that we have developed will cover everything required to make sure that you comply with CDM 2015 legislation and protect your professional reputation.

Our Principal Designer Services

Salus’ Principal Designer will:


  • Advise the ‘Project Team’ on the responsibilities placed on the duty holders – Client, Principal Designer, Designers, Principal Contractor and Contractors
  • Coordinate the Hazard & Design Review process during the design stage
  • Aid in the appointment of competent and best qualified suppliers, Designers and Contractors
  • Advise on the suitability of project documentation
  • Identify relevant information for inclusion and assist in its creation
  • Ensure that the HSE is notified as required
  • Ensure compliance with all current Health, Safety and Environmental legislation throughout the project
  • Collate and compile the Project Health & Safety File.

Would you like further information and advice for your project?  Contact us on 01978 290950 and ask for Wayne Jones, our CDM specialist.