Construction Safety Management

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that the construction industry is still the most dangerous industry to work in.

All employers must ensure that people are safe during their business activities, and the HSE has strict industry specific guidelines in place for the construction industry. Failure to comply can lead to significant personal and business costs.

Salus are specialists in construction health and safety consultancy and management. We offer a wide range of specialist support with a strong emphasis in providing practical solutions and risk control strategies, including:

  • Construction Design and Management (CDM)
  • Construction health and safety consultancy
  • Construction health and safety management
  • Site safety inspections
  • Training

Our Clients often comment that advice and assistance during the initial set up stages of the site ensures a firm basis on which to develop all aspects of Health & Safety throughout the duration of the project.

Monitor Your Performance

Pro-active inspection service enables the site manager / agent to monitor their sites for health and safety performance. Our team of qualified health and safety advisers are trained to carry out safety assessments to a nationally consistent basis.

Full Inspection

The inspection process examines both the site itself, current site activities and the statutory documentation that is required during the day to day running of a site.

Inspections are undertaken with the site manager or other authorised person.

Trained Professional Staff

Our advisors use a practical approach rather than simply conducting a policing exercise.

We utilise a core group of advisers to carry out site inspections. This ensures continuity of service and the highest professional standards.


Our consultants will, upon completion of the site inspection, give advice to the site manager / agent on any problems that have become apparent during the inspection and answer questions or queries that have arisen since the previous visit.

Site Inspection Reports

A written report will then produced which will identify any hazards, risks or any shortfalls in the documentation.

The report will also suggest any control measures that may or should be put in place to improve safety standards on the site and help achieve compliance with legislation.

Would you like further information and advice for your project?  Contact us on 01978 290950 and ask for Wayne Jones, our CDM specialist.